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How To Reach A Settlement With A Professional Injury Attorney

Personal injury clients often want to know if they will be required to go to trial if they file a personal injury lawsuit. The answer to that question is – probably not. In fact, 95% of personal injury lawsuits settle without a trial and you have a much higher chance of reaching a successful settlement if […]

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Taking Legal Action With Elder Abuse

Abuse of the elderly is too common. Whether the abuse is physical, verbal, financial or emotional, the impact is traumatic on the individual and their loved ones. An estimated 1 of every 10 elderly adults suffer some type of abuse – and many, many more cases go completely unreported. Because so many cases do not […]

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Dog Bite Laws And Bozeman’s Options

Bozeman is no stranger to dog bite accidents whether a person is injured by a dog or a dog attacks livestock. The American Veterinary Medical Association says that 52% of Montana homes have at least 1 pet dog. According to this source, these pets live longer in Montana as well. People love their dogs. Dogs […]

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Personal Injury Claims – Why A Lawyer Is Essential

Many people dismiss the idea of filing a personal injury too soon because they don’t want to deal with the legal process and the potential of going to trial. But filing a personal injury claim does not necessarily mean that you will go to trial. In fact, it is more likely that you won’t go to […]

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Don’t Get Denied For Automobile Accident Claims – Call A Lawyer

Automobile accident claims are often denied, a surprising lesson that insureds learn after a car accident. Unfortunately, even if an automobile accident is not your fault, you can be left with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills, lost wages, and physical injuries that can inhibit your ability to work. You can avoid the hassle […]

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Fighting Bozeman Elderly Abuse And Neglect With Family Lawyers

The holiday season is the time many people get to see extended family members that they don’t get to see on a regular basis. While COVID-19 is limiting how we get to visit our parents and grandparents who live in long-term care facilities, we can still be advocates for the elderly by making sure to […]

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