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Reporting A Dog Bite Injury In Bozeman

Serious and horrific dog bite injuries happen every year that require emergency medical treatment. Unfortunately for the victims of dog bites, these injuries often lead to permanent damage and disfigurement. In extreme cases, death has been reported. Young children are often the most seriously injured by dog bites. When a child is attacked by a […]

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Dog Bite Laws And Bozeman’s Options

Bozeman is no stranger to dog bite accidents whether a person is injured by a dog or a dog attacks livestock. The American Veterinary Medical Association says that 52% of Montana homes have at least 1 pet dog. According to this source, these pets live longer in Montana as well. People love their dogs. Dogs […]

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Dog Bite Laws: What Every Owner Needs To Know

When you think about getting a puppy, you imagine all of the fun that comes to your home, how much your kids are going to love it, and all the energy a dog has! You know that you have to groom them, feed them, walk them, and love them. You want to be the best […]

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Having a puppy is a lot of fun and a lot of work. You have to feed them and bathe them, clean up after them, make sure they go out and get walked, and if you are a good dog owner, you play with them. You are also responsible for them and their actions. So […]

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